Being awesome is not a simple straight forward task, and being “cool” doesn’t necessarily mean you’re awesome. Being awesome is not something you are born with, it’s not a right it’s not genetics it’s not by proxy, but is purely something you are simply because you choose to be.

So I’m choosing to be AWESOME. I certainly don’t have a monopoly on being awesome, you’re welcome to be awesome too. Remember this is a learning curve and I definitely don’t have all answers – but then again who does?

30 and still awesome

I’ve been terribly slack lately with the blogging, I’m not even sure where the days went or what I’ve been filling with them with.

I’ve been working on embracing life and caring just a little bit less what others think (to a point). In the past I’ve worried too much about things that are done and dusted or beyond my control, I focused too much on what others may or may not have thought about me.